Kalle Assbring | Photographer

The Westbank. Time and place.

Coming from a Swedish, secular background, I am still very familiar with places and stories from the map of Christianity. To visit places mentioned in the Bible for the fisrt time is quite a strong experience. However, the political reality in the region is  even more striking. The fact that people are isolated and cut off from each other by checkpoints, walls, surveillance and control - unable to move freely all though distances are quite short - was one of the things that chocked me.

Nadja stands in her unfisnished house, a building project that was put to an end by the erection of the wall around Rachels Grave. The biblical stories of Hebron versus military and violence which is the reality of today. The spa-tourists of the Dead Sea. The religious tourists in Jerusalem. The places where Jesus acually walked his way, now urbanized, colonized, occupied and sometimes almost forgotten.

By merging photographs from every day life with quotes from The Bible I wanted to make times and places meet - but not as historical references of rights to the land. On the contrary, I see them as parallel histories in a torn landscape.